Primitive Basic Survival Class (Coming Soon)




Unlike other survival classes, this primitive class will teach you how to make the tools that you need to survive.

More than other skills, your attitude and determination, are two tools you need to bring to this class..

You will learn different fire by friction methods and ways of collecting water. We will teach you about natural cordage, natural glues, and how to bind with these materials. You also learn a few basic primitive hunting traps, basic wild and medicinal plants, and a few other lessons and skills.

This course will teach you about simple primitive shelters, campsite selection, and leaving no trace ethics.

Primitive Basic Survival course is your beginning path of using your natural surroundings to construct functional tools to replace modern gear, from the world around you. This course will help you reconnect with nature in ways you never knew possible.

We will also teach you to begin to assemble your primitive living skills kit.

Bring any and all medications for personal use including bug sprays (especially those that repel ticks) as well as first aid items that are appropriate for the outdoor environment (especially items for poison ivy)

If you suffer from a medical condition or chronic pain, please bring your prescribed medicines with you. If you have recently undergone surgery or a hospital stay within the last 30 days, DO NOT attempt this course.

Dressing for the weather is key. Please make sure you are ready for whatever Mother Nature brings to the class.

Tools to bring:
Stainless Steel Water Bottle




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