ATC Kamisori Style Straight Razor


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At 7.5 inches overall and with a 3 inch blade this is a great size and shape razor.
Made from 1095 high carbon steel. 1/8th inch thick. Just the perfect weight and balance.
Never buy another disposable razor again. Shave with confidence and old world charm.

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By Heathen Bladeworks
Rich has used this blade right out of the box. He would suggest that you hone it before shaving.

The Kamisori razor is a Japanese style of razor that has been around before the original straight razor. It usually consists of a single piece of steel, with the end being flat with a bevel that is sharpened enough to shave with.

We left the handle plain so you can make this razor your own. Wrap the handle if you like with cordage, such as thread, twine, or rattan. Put your own flair on it if you like!

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